Leviathan and Harpuia Stages are out

2015-01-30 02:52:45 by JewelMaiden

I am making progress on my Megaman Zero mini game:

Megaman Zero 2.5: The Guardian's Allegiance - 四天王の忠誠



Leviathan Mini Game: http://jewelmaiden.deviantart.com/art/Leviathan-Mini-Game-Preview-412271168



Harpuia Mini Game: http://jewelmaiden.deviantart.com/art/Harpuia-Mini-Game-426403901


You need Flash enabled. Enjoy!

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Some of you may know that I am working on a very small Megaman game to:
(1) Show my appreciation for the amazing Megaman series;
(2) Show the amazing voice acting talents that exist in NewGrounds
(3) Engage other Megaman fans! Especially Megaman Zero fans
(4) Stir up more excitement from other fans to encourage them to produce their own (better!) games, art work and remixes.
(5) Practice my art and coding skills

It is more like a *big* art project with bits of coding here and there, since I happen to know some :) Buuuut I'm going to call it a game anyways <3

Some of you may also know I also have a PT job now too! Good news is I received a new project recently involving spriting and art, and they want me to do some overtime on that. That unfortunately means I have to dedicate the spare time I had to my new project and there will be less time for my Megaman art-game project :(

I wanted to give this update to let you know the mini game of mine *will* come out - and, the beta date will be pushed a bit! Please be patient as I work to pay off my bills and ultimately, work on personal projects to showcase *your* talents to the community.

No matter what - keep on working on your hobbies and passions. If there's one thing I want to accomplish, it's to relay that message to everyone I meet, in real life and online.

Take care!


Hello World!

2011-10-08 06:35:21 by JewelMaiden

I love Megaman! ^^

I am building a Megaman mini game (very small) - the idea of the game is to inspire other creators out there to make art, music, games, movies for Megaman! It's a tribute game and it will be embedded with a large portion of cutscenes (dialogue style). I already have some really great voice actors helping me out and if anything, their voices will really bring my script to life. If you were a fan of the Last Catalysm, I hope you will enjoy this.

I am a huge fan of Megaman Zero and Megaman X - I hope that will show in this production.
I am a programmer, an artist, and a noob musician/voice actor.

Edit: I may be needing more voice actors for Megaman Zero mini clip. Send me a PM if interested in auditions! Voice actors will be credited appropriately so that your name shows up on the side. (alongside the programmer's name :) ) I wholeheartedly believe they deserve this amount of credit instead of just stuffing them in a credits screen...

Edit2: Follow me on Facebook or Google Plus for updates on the Megaman game. I will have a working demo soon and will need *BETA TESTERS*. Beta testers will be credited in the credits screen.